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This issue of conflict between the generations is more commonly known as the generation gap and focuses on the differences in values, attitudes, and life-styles between adults and teenage children (Bigner 1979, 211) According to the researcher's findings this gap usually begins when the child is in the stage of adolescence and he/she is trying to find his/her sense of identity as a mature individual, because of this conflicts arise from both sides and would result in an exchange of violent verbal exchange or one of them storming out of the room.This viewpoint removes all responsibility for conflict from the parents and would generally focus on the child because he/she is experiencing a difficult adjustment period.Showing the child/children how she respects other people and they way she treats other people, treats others as adults, how she treats and talks about others outside the family and how she leads her life is what is left etched in the child's/children's minds as they go on to grow up as adults.

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Mothers are known to use a certain kind of method of control, popularly known as love-oriented methods.

This technique focuses on positive methods of control, such as praise and reshaping of children's behavior.

Single Parents or Mothers in the Philippines The number of single parents/ mothers in the Philippines has grown rapidly through the decades that have passed and this growing sector in the Philippines will continue to rise as society grows and changes through time.

Because solo-parent families are now so prominent in society, they have become a vital subculture that will have to be accepted as a legitimate and valid unit of society (Ortigas 1996, 12).

It is important that each one needs and wants to listen to the other to help each other communicate clearly and not to assume that the child hears the quiet pronouncements but to constantly let them feel the love and concern that one has for the child.

Parental Control According to Bigner the control of children's behavior by mothers reflects the increased involvement of traditional instrumental qualities in the mothering role over the years.Relationship between single mothers and their child/children Based on the interviews and books read by the researcher she found out that the relationship between mother and child in any kind of family is essential in the growth and well-being of the child; it is the bond that helps keep the family together.Establishing a relationship with your child requires communication; this is the best key in helping a relationship grow between a single mother and her child, where both child and mother will find a center in their relationship and where problems can find a solution and where compromises about things can be made.Because it is the child's decision to engage him/her in these activities, this kind of action may fall in the age-gap category whereas it is more of a problem that each and every parent in the world faces at a certain period of time.At the same time a single mother may find herself growing towards a new level of maturity in trying to understand her child's/children's actions.Assuming that every single parent has at least one child that brings to at least six million the number of citizens who may experience various degrees of prejudice because of their status.Based on the 1995 surveys of the National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO), there were 2.28 million Filipinos who were either widowed or separated from their spouses.This paper will focus on single mothers and their journey living with the stereotype of her child being either rebellious, having emotional problems, or being a problem child and the typical notion of a single mother as being an incompetent parent.Single parents can be classified into the following categories: Solo parents as an outcome of: death Solo parents-by-decision, resulting in: divorce; legal separation; church annulment; mutual decision to separate, with or without legal agreement; being abandoned or left by spouse; decision to leave spouse Single-by-choice parents who: give birth to a child and choose not to marry; legally adopt own natural child or through adoption agency; choose to raise child or children of relatives.__________________________________________________________This research paper is meant to prove that single mothers, though parenting alone, can still raise good, honest, self-disciplined, kind, hard-working people, one who is secure in his/her own being and that pressure imposed by society on these individuals do not have a great effect in the nurturing of the child or even more so on the growth of the mother parenting alone.This method involves physical punishments and includes verbal behaviors such as yelling, making threats and commanding the child.Whilst a love-oriented method of control used in raising a child brings about a sensitive child; research done by W.


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