Reflective Essay On Personal And Professional Development

They are now less disruptive and enjoyed the story session much more. It helped me reflect on my practice and that of my staff team.I also introduced story sacks with props to help engage the children. I never realised how difficult it is being a parent of a child with special needs.

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Reflective Review of my personal and professional practice Learning outcome: Demonstrating inclusive practice (PP1) My name is and I am the manager of a day care setting based in the north of London; in a rich culturally mixed community.

I manage a 41 place centre offering full day care services for children aged 6 months to 5 years.

I read through my notes and find that the issues we discussed in the lectures from the past week were not ..more.

Conclusion Their was a seminar we had in Personal and Professional Development on the .

Along these two weeks we have been prompt to make a recall to our own way of learning and why we became a teacher: Was it because coincidence, due to life circumstances, maybe because family tradition, was it a conscious decision or because someone influenced us?

Whatever the answer is, we have to face reality and be conscious that being a teacher does not only means to teach a lesson and asses students learning.

Reading the extract from the E105 course material on a parent’s perspective of what it was like to have a child with additional needs and their experience in an early years setting, Andrew: a journey-a parents perspective by Wray. It is hard enough having a child like that but then going to a setting that does not support them must be even harder.

Although on the face of it I am welcoming to all parents and children, I am weary of children that have additional needs because of all the extra paperwork, and time that is required in ensuring that their needs are met.

I am responsible for the overall running of the setting including the writing of policies and recruitment of staff.

I am also the settings SENCO, nominated safeguarding officer and Room leader of the pre-school room.


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