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So should you ever be assessing student writing, and want to use it, feel free.

I think I’ve shown you this before, but just in case…:) So, on what did I reflect, in my moments of recovery from projects at the cottage?

(Did I mention my perennial and consistent devotion to ridding the cottage of mice droppings as part of my activities?

They are reflections and pieces of reflections, morphed into this article, which is something I strongly advice with reflection. An action or a blog article, for example, is something that can be crafted from reflections into a public piece of writing.

One thing that really spoke to me was the list of areas and experiences that can generate good critical reflection especially for learners in medical education.

The Hope Babette Tang Humanism in Healthcare Essay Contest asks medical and nursing students to engage in a reflective writing exercise that illustrates an experience where they or a team member worked to ensure that humanism was at the core of care.

First-, second-, and third-place essays for both nursing and medical students will be chosen by a panel including healthcare professionals, writers/journalists, and educators.

This seems to me to be quite understandable, and it’s why I mentioned above, that taking a reflection and crafting it into a set of goals or more concretely, an action plan, with some work already done, is often a very positive spin to put onto a problem area that a student has identified.

I used to tell my education students, “It’s not a question of whether any of us will make a mistake or not.

, but I’m translating for all the Southerners here at the UGME blog.

I find that there’s nothing like total exhaustion from installing a new water pump, sanding and staining a deck, staining 6 new Muskoka chairs, and bringing water by hand, up a steep hill, to the garden which one has foolishly planted up that hill. I can plan things to say to my husband when he says, “These Muskoka chairs are so cheap—we couldn’t build them for this money.


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