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(1) It is thus important to consider in what ways Gawain considers himself to have failed.

(1) It is thus important to consider in what ways Gawain considers himself to have failed.

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Normally I am tolerant of variations, but many students do not seem aware of some features shared by all for quoting poetry.

Please follow the guidelines below (and your other professors will appreciate it if you do this in other classes).

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Cite page numbers for prose and line numbers for poetry.

If you are quoting a poem translated into prose, cite line numbers if possible; otherwise cite page numbers.This almost always comes after a verb like "says", "asks", "responds", "states", "screams", etc.In these instances, the quotation begins with a capital letter.If you aren't sure about the difference between poetry and prose, click here.If you are citing [Chaucer's] images are simple and direct.In this case, the first letter of the quotation should be lower case (unless the first word is a proper noun).With shorter quotations you should attempt to do this wherever possible on stylistic grounds.Following MLA style guidelines, quote's context is set up and the poem's name is given before discussing the quote in your paper. For example: In the poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," the poet utilizes alliteration.In MLA style, a single line of poetry is enclosed in quotation marks.They are for the most part introduced with nothing more than a "like to", or "as", and cover all phases of human activity, and make their effect by their homely and immediate appeal.The bells on the Monk's bridle ring "in a whistlynge wynd als cleere, " from any other text or punctuation with spaces on either side.


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