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But a storm known as the ‘Protestant Winds’ blew in and wrecked more of Spain’s ships. The outcome for England led them to explore overseas. One was the religious persecution left behind by her stepsister Mary. The religious problem in England was becoming more and more corrupt.The puritans were not fully satisfied with the changes taking place.

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In July of 1533, two months before Elizabeth was born, her father, the portly, mulish and wildly temperamental Henry VIII, was excommunicated by Pope Clement VII for divorcing his first wife Catherine of Aragon.

In his correspondence, Eustace Chapuys, an ambassador to England from the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and a staunch defender of Henry VIII's first wife, merely mentioned the fact that the King's lady-friend (for whom Catherine was discarded) had given birth to a daughter, and her sex was a most bitter disappointment for her parents.

To intercept the Spaniards, England sent their ships. What had happened was England had sunk quit a few of Spain’s ships.

The reason for the improved structure of these ships was that they were smaller and more manageable. However, the ships that had not got to damage tried to escape to the North Sea.

This incident pushed Phillip II over the edge and he felt that there was no reason not to invade on England.

Phillip II sent a hundred and thirty ships towards the English Channel.

Her sister also known as ‘Bloody Mary left England in a terrible state.

Bloody Mary was in the process of bringing England back to Catholism.

Elizabeth was strong On the Anglican Church and because of that it lasted throughout her reign. Meaning that Elizabeth no longer had to be burdened by Englands difficulties.

Elizabeth and Parliament did not have any problems until towards the end. After she died England continued to have problems in Parliament. A minor problem that Elizabeth faced was with her own family, her cousin Mary Queen of Scots.


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