Quantum Computing Phd Thesis

But the lab itself is blocked into one entire month of full-time lab work.

How could I align that with my full-time job at TTTech?

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The current standard text book in this area is Nielsen and Chuang, which is almost “physics-free” and probably even better accessible to computer scientists than Gruska.

Quantum Computing Phd Thesis

All of this I found extremely exciting, so I started to devote much of my spare time to learn everything about this area and at some point in time I started to ask myself, whether I shouldn’t channel this efforts into something with fruitful outcome, like a Ph D.Logic provides the formalisms by which we can model and reason about computational questions, and novel computational features provide new directions for the development of logic.From this perspective, the unusual features of quantum computation present both challenges and opportunities for computer science.Quantum Annealing is an alternative approach that uses a noisy quantum system to solve a particular optimization problem.Problems such as SAT and Max SAT need to be encoded to make use of quantum annealers.But most of the time I was simply overwhelmed by the strange physicist notation of and and tensor products () when jumping right to the gems of the area: Shor’s and Grover’s algorithms. ” and after mastering the basics, a quite lively and active research area was open and accessible to me.But once I figured out, that Quantum Computing is essentially Linear Algebra and the bra and ket symbols are merely short-hand notation for row and column vectors representing states, while state transitions are performed just by matrix multiplications, most mysteries resolved in delight. What I enjoyed most was that another Computer Science area I have alway been fond of was central to this area: Complexity Theory ( and related questions).For the next 6 months I will finally have time to sit down and think through more deeply a couple of ideas I have in this area and for crystallizing them into papers.I will have the same opportunity another time in a year from now in order to continue where I left off.I was curious about that class, yet frightened to take it by the mere thought of a computer scientist having to master quantum mechanics in a semester just in order to complete that class. But what I did do was buying Gruska’s 1999 book on Quantum Computing, which was the first ever text book in this area covering all the basics in one place.So I had this book sitting on my book shelf for years and every now and then I came back to it for curiosity.


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