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In addition benefits of Psychosynthesis therapy include: – • Offers insight into how problems can be a catalyst for change and growth • Helps individuals discover meaning and purpose in life • Provides a toolbox for coping and life skills for further development beyond therapy • Promotes healing from early childhood abuse or trauma • Increases self esteem, self worth and self confidence • Helps people to become more intuitive and creative I work across a wide range of emotional, behavioral and psychological issues.

I am a very experienced in working with people on a individual basis and my aim is to provide a highly personalized indidualised service that meets your needs as a unique human being on your own personal life journey.

For a long time few believed in the genuinely prosocial motivation of human beings and in the propensity for spontaneous empathy.

One of the minority was Carl Rogers, who chose empathy as a central theme for his work.

Since the eighties this area has changed radically: studies on the spontaneous altruism of children, on animal behaviour (above all on primates), on ordinary citizens who risked their lives to help Jews during the German occupation, on blood and bone marrow donors, on the central role of social contact and the sense of belonging, on the importance of maternal care and breastfeeding (earlier developed by Bowlby's pioneering work), and various others, show that the empathic and prosocial disposition exists alongside the most selfish tendencies, and that it has played a central role in the development of interpersonal relations and thus in human evolution.

In this arena the discovery of mirror neurons in the work of Giacomo Rizzolatti takes on special importance.

It is possible because of the essential unity of human nature beyond all differences, and it means that "in each of us all elements and human qualities potentially exist" .

Empathy can be consciously cultivated in all interpersonal relationships and deliberately evoked in psychotherapy.

The therapy is particularly beneficial for people suffering with low self-esteem, anxiety and depression, stress, trauma, PSTD, bereavement, addiction, panic attacks and relationship problems.

Counselling is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical excellence (NICE) as a treatment for depression and anxiety.


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