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First, by considering the relationship between human nature and technology, it analyzes whether such advances can improve human nature in addition to curing diseases.

Next, it looks at the moral and spiritual dimensions of perfection by analyzing the cardinal virtues.

It argues that seeking perfection in the physical sense alone may not be prudent or wise and may produce greater injustices and weaken the human spirit in the long run.

Understanding our true calling to perfection can help us resist the temptation of hubris to enhance the human race through technology.

We encourage participants to also seek financial assistance from their home educational institutions to cover expenses. GRADUATE CERTIFICATEFollowing the completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate in Global Bioethics during the graduation ceremony and banquet.

UNIVERSITY CREDITSWe advise undergraduate and graduate students to inquire about receiving credits from their own universities/colleges. At the end of the summer program, we provide a document outlining the total number of contact hours, including a list of all lectures, seminars, field trips, and other activities, as well as an overall program evaluation of the participant. HOUSINGPlease check the housing page for information regarding campus housing.In overall, the results show a bias towards negative in legalising the technology.With the advance of CRISPR technology, parents will be tempted to create superior offspring who are healthier, smarter, and stronger.The purpose of this research was to investigate the controversies of Designer Babies, to study the opinions of the respondents and to contribute as a part in deciding the legalisation of the technology in the possible near future. more The purpose of this research was to investigate the controversies of Designer Babies, to study the opinions of the respondents and to contribute as a part in deciding the legalisation of the technology in the possible near future.A survey form was created and distributed using online platforms and physical surveys (handouts), verdicts on the aspects of the technology were asked, and their personal views of the pros and cons of the technology itself.Some participants may wish to make individual housing arrangements using Airbnb or otherrental sources.Housing costs are NOT included in the registration fees.The DEADLINE to apply for partial scholarship consideration is April 1, 2019.Partial scholarship applications received after this deadline will be reviewed if additional partial scholarship funds are available.APPLICATION FEE | Nonrefundable PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: DEADLINE: April 1, 2019 EARLY REGISTRATION FEES:(Once you have been accepted)DEADLINE: April 100 | High School Seniors | ONE-WEEK FEE: 00 | University Students | ONE-WEEK FEE: 00 | Professionals | ONE-WEEK FEE: 0REGULAR REGISTRATION FEES:(Once you have been accepted)Non-U. more Imagine a world where everyone is healthy, intelligent, long living and happy.Intuitively this seems wonderful albeit unrealistic. However, recent scientific breakthroughs in genetic engineering, namely CRISPR/Cas bring the question into public discourse, how the genetic enhancement of humans should be evaluated morally.


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