Proposing A Solution Research Paper

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Workplace discrimination – removing age information from resumes 24.Low employee productivity – flexible work hours 25. Dispute resolution – managers taking the role of mediators 27. Ineffective team work – new office layout promoting cooperation 29.Generational poverty – better access to education 16.

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People trafficking – support centers in high-risk neighborhoods 18.

Barriers between social groups – cultural festivals and other social events 19.

State this problem as clearly as you can in your own words.

2) Does the author outline different aspects of the problem? If the author doesn't explain various aspects of the problem, what are some possible aspects that you recognize? Would this audience be likely to respond positively or negatively to the essay's tone, diction (vocabulary), and suggested solutions? Also, does the author seem to anticipate his/her audience's concerns or objections?

Pregnancy in adolescence – better sex education 34. How to strengthen the bond between children and parents – common hobbies 40. Bullying at school – more extracurricular activities involving socializing and teamwork 54.

Relationship difficulties – watching romantic movies 41. Dropping out of high school – special benefits for students 55.Illegal immigration – all illegal immigrants to be returned to their home countries directly 10.Fairer political representation – proportional representation voting system 11. Growing number of homeless people – special employment programs 13.Air pollution reduction in the big cities – bicycle transportation 42. Difficulties with doing all of the required homework – time management 56. Unhealthy eating at home – healthy shopping and cooking classes for families 80. Child obesity – banning sugary foods and junk food for children 82. Poor diet in college – cooking classes and more kitchens in dorms 84.Reducing medical training costs – augmented reality applications 57. Expensive college education – encouraging employers to invest in students 59. High lung cancer rates – making cigarettes and other tobacco products illegal 75. Increased salt consumption – avoiding canned foods 85. Violence in movies – increasing the minimum viewing age 87.You will discover a proposed solution for each problem, but you can come up with another one which is best in your opinion. Driving under influence – stricter checks and sanctions 8.Businesses influencing political decisions through donations – state financing for political parties 9.How to increase adoption rates – making it easier for singles and gay couples to adopt 20. Difficulties with raising problem awareness – using the social media 22.Overpopulation in developing countries – one-child policy 23.Low worker motivation – better non-financial benefits 30.Financing a new business – generating funding online 31.


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