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He also kept his secrets with her as a loving father would.

He also kept his secrets with her as a loving father would.

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She asked the prophet for Allah to forgive her after realizing her careless jealous mistake and Allah and his prophet forgave her.

- The prophet Muhammad was very fair with all his wives; he treated them all equally and loved them all in a different yet equal way.

Then a voice called out to me saying: 'The best of mankind has been born, so name him Muhammad.'” Then Aminah sent for Abdul-Muttalib.

He came to her and she said: 'A wondrous boy has been born to your family.' Then she brought baby Muhammad to him.

- When the prophet Married sayida sawda he stated that he didn’t only want a wife but also a mother to raise his children.

- When Fatima approached the prophet he would get up kiss his hand and offer to make her sit in her spot.

We cannot compare our time today to the experiences and rules and regulations of older times because everything is different.

- When Islam was proclaimed, the Islamic legislations only permitted the marriage of 4 wives.

Prophet Muhammad as a husband Misconceptions - Equality and justices between his wives - Why did prophet Muhammad (PBUH) get married to more than 4 wives? - Is it after 53 that he started to get married to more than one or 2 wives.

(9 in total) - The prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) was married at the age of 25 to Khadijah for 26 year. - Getting married to 11 wives in prophet Muhammad’s time was the norm of his time. Women had no problem with that experience because it was the norm of that society.


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