Propaganda In Advertising Essay

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Testimonial propaganda is an advertising technique wherein a famous or seemingly authoritative person recommends a product or service, and vouches for the value of the same.

The popularity of the person recommending the product (who is generally a celebrity/acclaimed expert) is used for boosting the sales of that product, without addressing the facts about the product itself.

The idea is to convince the audience that since it is recommended by experts, it must be good.

Another kind of testimonial propaganda involves the promotion of a product or service by the customers themselves, through reviews and word-of-mouth.

This is a clever advertising strategy used by brands to attract customers, one that almost always results in a good boost to sales as well as to the image of the company.

This strategy is referred to as a testimonial propaganda in the world of advertising and promotions.It is not rare to turn on the TV or flip through a newspaper or magazine and find a celebrity or an expert endorsing a particular product for a particular brand.When we see our favorite rock star or favorite actor promoting any product, our instinct is to trust his/her claim and buy the product.Example 6: Smartwater Glacéau Smartwater has the gorgeous former FRIENDS star, Jennifer Aniston endorse its purified drinking water.Example 7: Chanel Brad Pitt became the first male face to lend his name to one of the brand's leading products, the Chanel No. Example 8: Heineken The Dutch brewing company had Daniel Craig, as James Bond, lend his name and identity to its beer.Propaganda in mass media occurs when information is systematically biased, distorted, exaggerated, fabricated, or subjectively and inaccurately reported with the aim of receiving support, goodwill and a sense of legitimacy from the target audience (Shah para. Propaganda is used to rally individuals behind a cause by exaggerating, misdirecting, cheating or misrepresenting the actual issues to garner support.In mass media, propaganda is exhibited when agents charged with the responsibility of objectively reporting information use selective stories and partial facts to present the information (Barsamian & Chomsky 18).It is the purpose of this essay to evaluate the obstacles faced by a propagandist and conditions that allow a propagandist to thrive successfully.According to Linebarger, “propaganda consists of the planned use of any form of public or mass-produced communication designed to affect the minds and emotions of a given group for a specific purpose, whether military, economic, or political” (39).The idea is to help prospective voters identify with a famous person, and trust his/her judgment.This is a key tactic in earning the faith of prospective voters, and eventually their votes.


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