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Describing disruptive behaviour as, a ‘general refusal to be taught’, ‘doing no work’ or ‘refusal to obey'”.

Knowing what is bad behaviour then allows the teachers establish techniques to anticipate and reduce its occurrence.

Bad behaviour is therefore defined by the level of disruption caused to a child’s learning.

Lawrence (1984) is quoted, “…disruption amounted to anything which prevented the teacher from achieving worthwhile results with the pupils.

Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.

This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.“If acting is the art of stopping people coughing, teaching is the art of stopping them throwing things around” (Mc Manus 1995) During my first placement in school, I was able to experiment with a variety of teaching techniques for all aspects of teaching.Due to the type of school I was placed at, the key factor I had to address was classroom management.In this essay I will critically evaluate my personal and professional development with relation to QTS standards for classroom management.Using current theories and research I will identify problems and put forward possible solutions to improve my future practice.These four principles are the basic structure for establishing classroom management on which teachers can build their practice.However, developing these skills, especially as a student teacher, are notoriously complicated as they are often hard to practice.This will be achieved through reflective practice, in which I will keep a journal of my progression and identify key areas for development.Using this record of my developing class management, I will critically evaluate my own progression.A clear and straightforward definition is given by Wragg (1993) “Class management is what teachers do to ensure that children engage in the task in hand, whatever that may be'”.Although simplistic this is essentially what all teachers must address every lesson.


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