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Keeping that in mind can be a clue to look for a more straightforward approach.

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Some GMAT questions entice you to use math that is actually more sophisticated than you really need for the GMAT.

It’s not that you can’t solve the questions using sophisticated math.

Teachers tend to care more about the work that you do to solve a problem than the actual answer that you get.

The GMAT, of course, cares only that you select the correct answer.

In other words, some GMAT Problem Solving questions are really just testing your ability to follow the rules.

Other GMAT Problem Solving questions, the ones that test your ability to reason quantitatively, are testing your ability to determine which rules apply before you start solving.The Problem Solving format is designed to test basic mathematical skill and understanding of elementary concepts from the three content areas.Moreover, Problem Solving also tests the ability to reason quantitatively, solve quantitative problems, and interpret data presented in the form of graphs.When that occurs, it’s easier to run through multiple scenarios to their conclusion and find the best answer that leads to growth and profit.A problem can be a real break, a stroke of luck, opportunity knocking, even a chance to get out of an everyday rut and make yourself or some situation better.It’s just that doing so may take more time than you really have.However, there’s often a simpler—and faster—approach that involves little more than some basic math.The GMAT really doesn’t care that much about testing your raw calculating ability.As a result, the test-writers tend to use numbers in the problems that make the math work out nicely.But, you still need to think about the easiest way to do the calculation.For example, if you needed to find 75% of a number, would you multiply by 0.75 or by ¾?


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