Pid Controller Phd Thesis

Pid Controller Phd Thesis-41
A PID controller will be called a PI, PD, P or I controller in the absence of the respective control actions.

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However, the research focuses on outdoor application, that requires usage of Global Positioning System (GPS) to receive the positional information of the leader UAV.

GPS has inherent errors of order of magnitude that can destabilize the system.

They are Fuzzy Logic (FL) and admittance control respectively.

FL emulates human behavior during such collaborative lift.

Barawkar, Shraddha "Collaborative Transportation of a Common Payload using Two UAVs Based on Force Feedback Control." Electronic Thesis or Dissertation.

, PMIgor Artemtšuk "Robust PID Controller Design for Continuous-time Systems via Reduced Routh Parameters"Supervisor: Prof.

The response of the controller can be described in terms of the responsiveness of the controller to an error, the degree to which the controller overshoots the setpoint and the degree of system oscillation.

Note that the use of the PID algorithm for control does not guarantee optimal control of the system or system stability.

A block diagram of a PID controller The PID controller calculation (algorithm) involves three separate parameters; the proportional, the integral and derivative values.

The proportional value determines the reaction to the current error, the integral value determines the reaction based on the sum of recent errors, and the derivative value determines the reaction based on the rate at which the error has been changing.


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