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Most essays are aimed to depict events, objects, emotions and ideas through writing.

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Whether the child owns a veritable fleet of miniature cars or a single stuffed monkey, the pride that they have is moving, funny, and thought provoking.” In addition to documenting the socioeconomic range of families around the world, Galimberti’s colorful portraits capture the unique personalities of each young person before his camera lens.

The photographer has published a book, also called Toy Stories, which compiles all of the portraits from this series.

You can use images in traditional essays as well, but they will serve rather as illustrations, while the text will perform all main functions.

In case of pictorial essays, these roles are reversed: text elements are used only to support and describe images, which are the backbone of this essay type.

Now let’s take a look at the writing process in more detail.

First of all, you have to clearly understand your task. I was clearing out some old boxes last summer and found all the pictures I took as a kid.Then I’ll sit down at the desk to write with no end game, just to prove the muscles still work, and find I’m complaining about somebody I’ve never even heard of, like Lena Dunham.Check all prompts and talk to your instructor if necessary.Familiarize yourself with criteria of your work, and think how you can get good images related to your topic.But I usually find at least one place where I briefly suspect I’m the last person who will ever walk there.“There was something here once, but nobody told me about it and its remnants are out-of-focus now.I grab my camera and get in my truck and point it somewhere I haven’t been before.I stop when I find a place I probably won’t see again.Usually it’s a place that feels old, out of time, cut off from the city or the highway.The sorts of places you vaguely remember seeing as a kid, or in a dream, and when you try to find it as an adult it’s not there, or you don’t know where to start looking.


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