Pet Problems Solved

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Most of the time, I trap and remove and relocate, because this is the surest way to solve the current raccoon problem.

I then undertake preventative measures, such as sealing shut all the entry points into the house.

Raccoon control and removal, especially from inside homes, is best left to a professional.

Courses and Careers In Animal Behaviour Pet behaviour counsellors provide accurate diagnosis, explanations, and treatments for owners whose pets behave inappropriately.

Uncollected dog waste is not simply a matter of making the non-pet-owners in your association unhappy.

Among other things, keeping the area around your community’s homes clean is a matter of hygiene and protecting your community.

Many associations find that the problem of dog waste is an incredibly difficult one to solve.

It can seem nearly impossible to enforce regulations.

From mothball flakes to coyote urine to ultrasonic sound machines, these things do absolutely nothing to keep away raccoons. Physical barriers will often work, but they have to be good.

For example, if you've got a raccoon living under your house, you can install a heavy duty steel screen around the perimeter to keep it out (just be sure it's outside before you close it up! If you've got raccoons in the attic, you can seal the openings shut once it's outside.


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