Pearl Harbor Controversy Essay

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Roosevelt of having misled the public in regard to the coming of the war in the Pacific.These detractors paid little attention to Japanese military intrusions in East Asia in the decade prior to Japan's attack on the United States.

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5 FDR had by now learned that a policy of forbearance toward the government in Tokyo, instead of having a salutary effect, simply resulted in ever-more aggressive behavior on the part of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Only after this fact had been driven home with galling emphasis did the President move decisively.

His executive order was not an arbitrary action taken without provocation.

It was a long-delayed response to repeated Japanese policy initiatives that threatened the national interests and security concerns of the United States as perceived and defined by the American government.

Honestly held differences of opinion can easily arise out of conflicting interpretations of what happened in the past, even when everyone accepts the same set of facts.

This form of debate is one of the most important mechanisms by which historians eventually arrive at tenable conclusions.

I simply have not got enough Navy to go round—and every little episode in the Pacific means fewer ships in the Atlantic." 2 Once Japanese troops began moving into southern Indochina, however, a new situation was created.

3 The President consequently changed his mind about the way to react.

He first suggested that Japan join with the United States and other powers to treat Indochina as a neutralized country in the nature of a Far Eastern Switzerland (an idea to which Tokyo proved to be unresponsive); Roosevelt then sent a message in a language everyone could understand: Overnight, he froze all Japanese assets in the United States.

4 Although he did not reveal his intentions, his order was soon processed through lower levels of bureaucratic consultation into a full trade embargo, thus stopping the shipment of oil to Japan.


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