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This is the first fundamental step on the way to completing a top-notch writing piece.Sometimes, students skip this point and, therefore, are often headed in a wrong direction.

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As we have already mentioned, these points are optional, and their inclusion will depend on your tutor’s requests.

However, they will surely make the work more elaborated and help to back up your ideas.

Do not forget that the introduction should close with the thesis statement, which is 1-2 sentences in length.2.

Body This is the largest part of your paper, and therefore, it has to be split into several subtopics.

Thus, simply specify that it should pertain to the thesis statement and arguments. This is a very good idea if you are writing about some social issues in particular.

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This way every reader can think of his own solution to the problem.Also, every thought or idea introduced further should not contradict the previously stated one.3.Conclusion You may face some difficulties trying to outline this part, as you have not done a research yet.This is really so, however, a good plan is somehow more elaborated and exceeds these three main points.You may look through numerous templates available on the Internet to gain greater insight into writing a term paper outline, but in most cases, a teacher or a professor requires a particular format to follow.By the end of each semester, you will be assigned a bunch of complex tasks, and term papers will surely be among them.This type of assignment, which looks like an expanded essay with research, is given to assess students’ knowledge gained during a semester.The very first thing that has to be clarified is how to write a college term paper outline.Let us, therefore, consider what should be done first.Also, it is necessary to clarify what is the approximate number of words to be written, how to do research on the topic, etc.The first thing you should do before starting to work on the assigned task is to write term paper outline.


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