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We're going to spend morning at the school city center. Then we're going to Tower Bridge and Science Museum. My family &I really enjoyed all of the trips and we all had a great time. We journeyed to a variety of places in our country, 1st grade we went to amusement park, 2nd to a farm, 3rd to a plantation, 4th i really cannot remember, 5th to the hill country and botanical gardens, 6th to galle (which I missed due to fate of sickness), 7th to a resort to have fun and do social games, 8th to a historical place, 9th to another historical place "Dambulla and 10th still awaiting......

They are so epic because one has all their friends and does crazy things that one doesn't expect to.

We sat in it and it took us to all the places we had to see. We sang on our way and the bus speeded through various towns and villages. After half an hour we were on our way again Many of my friends started feeling a little sleepy and tired., Soon we reached Agra.

Our teachers had to take good care of us lest anybody got lost.

High School Senior Trip Ever notice how "Time flies when you're having fun"?

In fact, when friends and vacation are involved, it's even seemingly more so.While surrounding high school seniors were taking trips to Washington, D. and Disney World, the seniors at Clinton High School were cruising to the Bahamas. The bus ride to Florida, where we were to board the ship, was only the beginning.Everyone was excited about going on a cruise and anxious to get to the Bahamas.I had never been on a ship which made the trip even more exciting for me. My friends and I slept early so that we could enjoy the sunrise the next morning. At any given time aboard this ship you could go somewhere on deck to get something to eat. During this same time there were three different clubs open below deck. One of my male classmates was caught with marijuana in his possession.Needless to say, he also got to visit the jail that was on board in what we called the "dungeon" part of the ship.The chaperones informed us that we were not allowed to be off of the ship during the evening hours.The day my teacher told me that we were going on a school trip to the holiday island of Jeju, I was ecstatic. On April 15, I was standing on a dock at Incheon, looking at the 6.825 tons Sewol Ferry. At 9.30 after the ship had listed to a 60 degrees, the captain announced, “Do not move. We have made a distress call and the rescue ships will arrive soon.” They told us to wear life jackets. You are welcome to keep on using Learn English Teens but if you are over 17, please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other. But when I was 10 (or 11) years old, we went to another school to test the teaching ability of homeroom teachers. My first school trip was a trip to historical museum, television broadcasting station,zological garden & amusement park, The second one is to Pagu. There are thousands of pagodas and sensory is amazing.Dear Students, We are going for the school trip to London on Monday 10th May. We got in the school car, I still remember the weather rained. We traveled around Pagu and almost all of pagodas and historical places were visited. Sunset & sunrise view in bagan can't be described in words. Last week, my school organized a trip to Ha Long bay, Quang Ninh city. If you have time, you can go to Vietnam and travel to Ha Long bay. I love going on school trips, obviously we go on one every year.


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