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And can we safely assume the answers in relation to performance will be the same or similar to the answers in relation to poetry/narrative literature?A theatre director approaching and planning the performance of a text needs to be as receptive as possible not only to the many possible nuances of each phrase, each image, but also to the structural features of the text as a whole.

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As William Shakespeare's only truly Aristotelian tragedy, Othello has no subplot or comic relief, and, when originally performed, had little spectacle in the way of the set or action.

The absence of these distractions leave the themes of the play...

His manipulation of other characters, machinations that serve as the driving force behind the...

Shakespeare's Othello (Shakespeare, 1604) is a tragedy that unfolds based on the actions and language of one character: Iago.

The extract presents a sustained attack by Coleridge on Shakespeare for his lack of...

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In Shakespeare's play, Othello, the men hunt the women, as a human hunts animals in the wild.

Othello is a play concerned with domestic fidelity more than royal usurpations.

It is a play in which ocular proof comes from a mystical strawberry handkerchief rather than a ghost of...

The play-text, unmediated by performance, is not ‘the play’.

The play is more accurately described as the performance of the text, that text being as a blueprint to a finished building, an orchestral score to a concert performance (James Mc Caughey, p.26.) These might appear highly Platonic models, but they imply, I believe, no falling into a ‘logocentric’or ‘phonocentric’ trap, no distrust or downgrading of the written words, but rather a deeper attentiveness to them, and an appreciation of how they differ from the words of novels, poems and other written texts.


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