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Our website will show you a simple way to get rid of the excess of homework and free some time for more agreeable activities.While there are some religious leaders and activists who claim the sacredness of the human body should not be violated during life or after the death, Pope Benedict XVI, for example, openly supported the idea of free donation of the organs and said that he willed to do that after the death (Bruzzone 1066).Still, most of the religions are extremely opposed to the idea of commercialization of human organs, claiming that selling or buying our bodies for profit is an immoral and sinful act.In most contemporary countries, organs for transplantation are available only through non-commercial operations, like donating one’s organs after death.There are multiple state-level and international agreements that define the legal status of the human tissue, including the Human Tissue Act of 2004, which directly prohibits any form of organ trade (Hardcastle 126).Currently, human organs can only be donated and purchased for free by those in need.However, the idea of commercialization lies upon the assumption that humans will be more likely to provide organs if they were paid for it.That is the reason why you should develop your writing skills constantly.In order to find some new ideas, check our other research paper samples in addition to the organ donation research paper below.Such legal position of human tissue is explained through a variety of arguments.First, the definition of a human body as a subject of property is considered as objectivation of people and contradicts the modern judicial interpretation of a person (Simmerling et al. In other words, if our bodies are just about the same type of property as any other objects, then a human individual, being a combination of its organs, may also be considered as a property.


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