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Maybe just one, come to think about it: the guy who's always trailblazed the path in navigating them.The Oracle of O also has self-awareness, something the rest of the finance world is sorely lacking when it comes to communicating with the universe outside of it.

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But he's also more original, more interested in the world outside his skull, and less obsessed with this mythical "Every Bo Bo" whom Brooks — about as out-of-touch as a D. Mc Ardle doesn't play nice, doesn't fit the mold of a typical feminist, and her political profile is still ambiguous enough to register shock when she takes a hard line.

She's probably one of America's most conservative vegans alive.

The Replacement: Radley Balko of Reason Why: Well, this experiment has been embarrassing for all. How about a a young thinker of genuine conservative values?

As in, doubt in government's ability to solve societal problems, absolute opposition to unchecked powers of authority, and not a damn bit of concern for with whom America's adult citizens are sleeping or when.

An op-ed is an opinion piece (usually in a newspaper) that a freelance writer may need to write on behalf of a client, such as a nonprofit or business.

Op Ed Columnist The Winning Essays Are

The op-ed is a chance for the organization to garner positive publicity for themselves and to perhaps sway public opinion about an important issue.It is often written by a subject matter expert and is an example of an instance when a freelancer produces copy as a ghostwriter under someone else's byline.In addition to a freelancer writing this on behalf of an organization, opinion pieces are frequently written by a publicist with writing skills within the organization.A little housebreaking could make Greenwald the most important op-ed writer in America, which he already deserves to be.The Replacement: Samantha Power of The White House, Special Assistant to the President Why: We've got no real objection to Herbert.Depending on the news outlet, sometimes a photo of the author accompanies the piece.The Replacement: Glenn Greenwald of Salon (with a very brave editor in tow) Why: Rich was the most powerful liberal — and long-winded — columnist the Times has ever had.Actual, relatable understandings of business and economics.Friedman, like Dowd, is so tied up in his own celebrity and powerful friends that he's lost perspective as a writer and vital public opinion.The Replacement: Bruce Bartlett, Reagan Administration, Bush Administration, various publications Why: What's that? Unlike Krugman, Bartlett has actually helped shape the global market (as a policy advisor in the Reagan White House), and he's that rare conservative who analyzes economic reality rather than preaching the GOP's economic religion. The Replacement: Jerry Stiller, Seinfeld Why: One good turn involving a wisdom-spouting old crank deserves another.Paul Krugman thinks everyone else is wrong, he's right, and the global economy will collapse if his warnings aren't heeded this very instant? Stiller also has a sense of humor, which almost nobody else at the New York Times can lay claim to as good laughs currently remain a more dangerous territory than journalist-hating governments over there.


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