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The resulting median path length was 5, meaning that people are generally found to be connected with one another in only a few steps. Granovetter (1973) would call these people bridges, the bottlenecks of information flow through social networks.

This “knowledge” found its way into pop culture and common knowledge (e.g., Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). These men were highly connected individuals, or social hubs, bringing together basically the whole network of U. He argues that the degree to which social networks overlap depends on the strength of the ties that connect them.

Today, thanks to technological advances and the spread of popularity of social media platforms, social network analysis is much more fruitful these days.

People’s connections with one another are readily observable in form of follower-following relationships or graph of friends.

Do we find the same characteristics of offline social networks on social media platforms like You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook?

Note: This article will be part of a series on social network analysis and influencer marketing, all based on the research for my master thesis titled “Influencer Fraud on Instagram: A Descriptive Analysis of the World’s Largest Engagement Community”which is not published yet.Since almost no one has time these days to read 140 pages on the subject, I decided to split my master thesis into individual articles of medium length and let the reader decide what interests her.In his 1967 experiment Milgram asked randomly chosen U. citizens to pass on a letter to random targets using only friends and acquaintances they knew on a first-name basis.They take the message of innovators and translate it for a broader audience.Thus, they help to solve Moore’s (1991) chasm problem.(2000) Gladwell analyzes the spread of any trend or social epidemic — be it technology adoption, fashion trends, or even crime.He identities three kinds of people who are necessary to spread information like wildfire: connectors, mavens, and salesmen. Jacobs that bring the world together with their large network.Much more interesting though is his findings regarding the intermediaries’s role. The more similar or homophilous individuals are, the more likely they are to interact and to form strong relationships.Half of Milgram’s letters that reached their target went through the same three people: Mr. Makes sense: we trust people we know and who tend to have the same background and interest as us.However, in order to spread new information we need to take a look at weakly tied individuals connecting various social circles with rather different interests.Thus, weak ties play a special role in the diffusion of novel information, for example a new product or fashion trend.


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