Old Man And The Sea Essay

Certainly, The Old Man and the Sea fits that description.

The novella invites, even demands, reading on multiple levels.

This is also noted in another quotation from the book, “The iridescent bubbles were beautiful.

But they were the falsest thing in the sea and the old man loved to see the big sea turtles eating them.” Santiago finds pleasure about everything in the sea, even after going a disappointing eighty-four days without a fish.

Changing this to be masculine means that they do not feel that the sea has any beauty or significance other than for money.

Another way that the author tells that the old man appreciates the ocean is in one of his descriptions in the book.

While Santiago is going out to sea on the first morning, Hemingway includes numerous details about the setting.

Some of the details are to inform the reader that the old man really enjoys and values the ocean.

All of these are examples of how much the old man appreciates the sea.

Other details Hemingway uses are to show Santiago’s loneliness.


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