O J Simpson Case Essay

At around 6pm, a motorist spotted Simpson and a friend in a white bronco, notifying police, in which became a slow speed chase that ended in Simpson’s driveway.A loaded gun, ,750 in cash, a false beard and mustache, and a passport where discovered by police in the vehicle.Any rational person would think Simpson had planned to escape, showing indications of guilt.

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A few days later police obtained enough evidence to seek an arrest warrant and under an agreement with one of Simpson’s lawyers, he was to turn himself in by on the morning of June 17.

Simpson failed to turn himself in at the agreed time and police where now on the hunt for Simpson.

They described the knife as having a six inch long and 3/4" wide blade that was manually locking. Simpson had a wound his left hand on the middle finger, something he vehemently denied as being related to the supposed crime.

Indeed, these features were a perfect match of the victims’ wounds. Besides, strands of black hair that were recovered on a blue knit cap at the crime scene were positively identified as being similar to the hair in his head.

One hundred fifty witnesses were called to give evidence before a jury at the Hotel Intercontinental in downtown Los Angeles from January until October (Linder). Just after midnight, Nicole's howling dog attracted the attention of a neighbor. Simpson was aboard American Airlines flight #668 to Chicago.

After the recital Nicole had dinner with the children and a group of friends at The Mezzaluna Resturaunte.

This was interpreted as an attempt to ambush the prosecutor contrary to the legal procedures regarding disclosure of criminal evidence.

However, the judge revealed their strategy to the whole world leaving them quite very horrified.

Osvaldo Orozco Peterson English 2 12 September 2014 Injustice On the night of June 12, 1994, just after midnight, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were discovered, brutally murdered outside the front courtyard of Nicole Simpson's Brentwood condominium. Suspiciously enough, Park noticed a man who he presumed to be Simpson walk across the residence driveway. arriving around noon on June 13, to find a full on investigation at his home.

Nicole Simpson was the estranged wife of the famous football player and T. A few minutes later, Simpson opens the door, claiming to have fallen asleep. The LAPD questioned Simpson briefly that day and since then the investigation began to close in on Simpson.


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