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Notably, May Ann also gained practical experience as a judicial intern under a Magistrate Judge at the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Washington D.C., where she was involved in cases relating to refugee minors, guardianship, adoption, as well as child abuse and neglect.We believed that age was no barrier to being an agent of peace, and we wanted to equip and empower youth with the necessary skills for that.

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May Ann's passion for child welfare and her dedication to the practice of family law enables her to advise her clients compassionately and comprehensively.

May Ann has also had experience in various court proceedings, mediations and negotiations.

Alicia Zhuang (AZ): Sean, when I go to Peacemakers’ website, there are three words in big font: “mediation”, “dispute resolution” and “peace”.

Can you tell us more about Peacemakers, and the significance of these words?

We also offer standardised courses for individual professionals who wish to pick up mediation and dispute resolution skills.

Additionally, Peacemakers teaches secondary school students in Singapore how to resolve conflicts amicably at the annual Peacemakers Conference.I’m sure everyone has heard of these ones in some form or other: “I studied Law because my family / friends / some respected person [delete as appropriate] thought that I was good at arguing with people and should therefore study law”.Or “because I was in my school’s debating team and represented my school in 1001 competitions”. And why was law school one of the most challenging times of your life?Since taking over the helm at Peacemakers, I have been building it up into a training-focused company.While that also means that we are now a commercial entity, my personal commitment is that the Peacemakers Conference will still run every year on a not-for-profit basis.In this issue, we chat with a law school graduate who started his career by taking over ownership of a mediation company, Peacemakers Consulting Services.His name is Sean Lim, and he graduated from National University of Singapore with his law degree in 2015.Or simply, “because my JC results were good enough to get into law school”. SL: I grew up with parents that are both involved in business, so my personal desire to also be a businessman one day was cultivated from there.My parents, however, believed that a career as a lawyer would be more lucrative and comfortable, and a law degree would put me in better stead to do business anyway should I choose not to practice, so they encouraged me to read law instead.In the same year, May Ann also won the top prize in an essay competition organized by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI).Her essay on resolving issues of family violence through mediation was subsequently published by SIMI in its second volume of “Contemporary Issues In Mediation” in 2017.


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