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The use of sub-headings contributed to the ease of which the research article could be followed.

The use of sub-headings contributed to the ease of which the research article could be followed.Accurate referencing was included throughout the report which enabled the reader to study further.Silverman (2005) proposes that research is not a luxury for the academic, but a tool for developing the quality of nursing decisions, prescriptions and actions.

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This unstructured interview method is used primarily in descriptive and qualitative studies (Burns & Grove 2001).

The unstructured interview provides the opportunity for the participants to fully explain their experiences and provides a greater depth in the answers provided (Streubert & Carpenter 1999). Conclusion The reader can fully appreciate the relevance of good communication skills.

The concern of the researchers is to develop a rich or dense description of the culture or phenomenon, rather than using sampling techniques that support generalizability of the findings.

The results of research may be considered to be biased if the sample is not representative of the whole population.

There is an adequate amount of detail for the reader to evaluate the importance of incorporating the findings into their own practice.

Summary The conclusion of the report summarised the main study findings and made explicit the significance the findings may have to nursing practice.Sample size should generally be determined before the study is conducted and the general rule of thumb is always to use the largest sample possible (Lo Biondo-Wood & Haber 2006).These principles are however not applicable to qualitative research, for which the researchers focus is to obtain rich data highlighting the participants lived experience.Whilst this article was published in a credible journal certain weaknesses were identified which may reduce its transferability, although the findings may help with nurse education and enhance patient care.When critiquing journal articles it is important to consider that word constraints may have influenced what was included, the article should therefore be evaluated with this in mind.Although this form of sampling appeared appropriate for this piece of research, the researcher, and the reader should be aware of the limitations of this sampling strategy; for as with non-probability sample, the ability to generalize to a wider population is limited.Data Collection In-depth interviews Interviews were carried out using a broad initial question; participants were then asked subsequent questions to clarify their answers.As a future practicing nurse, I find the results alarming as they reflect badly on the nursing profession, as effective communication skills are one of the core elements of nursing practice.On reflection this critique has enabled me to evaluate not only the findings of a piece of research but also the methods used throughout the research process. Unlike quantitative research, there is no need to randomly select individuals, because manipulation, control, and generalization of findings are not the intent of the inquiry.This type of sampling aims to commit to observing and interviewing people who have had experience with the culture or phenomena of interest (Streubert & Carpenter 1999).


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