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to genuine feeling” when he launched into his “diatribes …

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the editor-in-chief of .” Her prose is lucid and defiant: she is determined to speak her truth with the gloves off and without apology.

The personal narrative is impressive, and one cannot help but be moved.

I also discovered a 2014 article about how “the 70-year-old Hinduism specialist didn’t like what she witnessed in the 1990s when a hard-edged stream of feminist scholarship started gaining traction as conventional thinking in higher education and popular culture.” She was, at that time, “associated with the University of Victoria after a at Mc Gill University in Montreal,” and had “engaged in her own feminist research while studying at the University of Chicago and Harvard.” In 2014, she had recently completed, with co-author Paul Nathanson, her fourth book on misandry.

was published in March 2006 by Mc Gill–Queen’s University Press.

I know what it’s like to feel unsafe walking on the street in the late afternoon, or walking alone at any time of day.

It is with much sympathy and admiration that I read the well-written essay by this “Mauritian writer and essayist …

The article asks why “a respected Hinduism scholar—who travelled to India almost every year of her four-decade career while collaborating with major figures such as Mircea Eliade, Harold Coward and Arvind Sharma—[took] on the cause of countering the negative stereotyping of men and boys.” This was enough to indicate that something in Saramandi’s essay was definitely amiss.

She had been sufficiently energized to google to see if Young’s name came up, but apparently was not careful enough to verify her claim that Young was a “disgraced academic.” I was still willing to give Saramandi the benefit of the doubt, but I am aware that the personalities we present on social media do not often accurately, or fully, represent our more nuanced and authentic personalities as they come across in real life.

retrograde, patriarchal,” unaware that “progress was coming whether they liked it or not and that soon, in a decade or so, they’d be embarrassed by their youthful rancor.” Saramandi continues, I grew up with stories of men murdering their female partners with crossbows and other implements, dismembering the women in their lives with grinder machines, raping their step-daughters, tossing female bodies into forests.

I saw school friends married off at 15 to men twice their age.


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