Narrative Essay About Halloween

Narrative Essay About Halloween-65
I think the rational reason is because our country has its own perspectives about halloween.

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Still, students don’t know what to write about & how to make their story spooky & worthy of A .

Remember one - thing there shouldn’t be just presented some facts or statistics on Halloween, you are to show the analysis of the problem & your personal point of view.

As a rule, experts recommend using citations, proverbs, short stories, some wise words, anecdotes, or impressive facts/ statistics both at the beginning & at the end of the writing assignment about Halloween. Each sentence should support the main idea presented in the thesis statement.

One more essential issue is the thesis statement which you should present in the introductory part. The introduction & the conclusion are the shortest parts of the work & the body is the biggest one.

Make it sound logical using facts, examples, statistics.

Interview an expert & present his or her words in the paper.In addition, people give them candies or fruit presents when kids say “trick-or-treat”.Almost every person in America & even other countries in the world like Halloween because it is full of Haunted Houses, terrifying stories, parties, interesting traditions.These things play the main role in essay evaluation so get rid of all distractions and start working.Essay writing about Halloween requires vivid & catching facts.This religion against eve to be our national holiday. And this case is not only happen just in Indonesia, there are some other countries that against halloween.In the part of United Kingdom, police have threatened to prosecute parents who allow their children to carry out the “trick” element.There are four major styles: narrative, descriptive, expository, & persuasive. If you prefer the narrative one, then tell a story that happened in your or somebody’s life on Halloween. This style requires ‘I’ sentences letting the reader become the witness of the events.Choosing the expository style, you’d better present only evidence about Halloween.Those are just some activities that usually happen in the halloween nowadays.But just several countries that celebrate it as a holiday. I don’t know why my country don’t celebrate it as a holiday.


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