Miss Julie Essay

In The Birth of Tragedy, Nietzche discusses at length the duality inherent in the development of art.This duality is caused by two opposing principles termed Apollinian and Dionysian.

In the play Miss Julie says that she would have killed Jean like a wild beast and Jean goes on to compare it to the killing of a mad dog.

Jean comparing himself to a mad dog also shows how Miss Julie feels that Jean is a sick animal and deserves to die.

Miss Julie feels that her social status is so much superior to that of Jean that their relationship could be compared to that of a master and his dog.

The dog imagery in the play is also used to demonstrate the difference in social classes.

Jean looks down on Miss Julie for being surprisingly easy to obtain.

While Miss Julie looks down on Jean for being a servant of hers and of a lower social class.Miss Julie by August Strindberg was published in 1888 yet was soon censored for it’s, what was then, ‘scandalous’ content with its frank portrayal of sexuality.In the preface of the play, Strindberg refers to Miss Julie as a ‘man-hating half women’ who seems to be the result of a power struggle between her mother and father.Also, Miss Julie, the fact that she fell in love with Jean was true, and this shows how she lacks in nervousness.This will catch the reader’s attention because there is a twist into the play. Miss Julie is the 25-year-old daughter of the widowed landowner of a large estate in the Swedish countryside.Her father’s weak nature has taught her to despise men; her emancipated mother taught her to dominate and tyrannize them; her former fiance filled her with egalitarian notions that temper her arrogance; her strong libido checks her masculine inclination; her unconscious drives lead her toward dirt, degradation, and death.In not more than 1200 words, demonstrate what each description might contribute to an understanding of one scene from 'Miss Julie', (pages 78...Strindberg recurrently uses symbolism drawn from nature to great effect throughout his play Miss Julie, accentuating the impact of the act of sexual intercourse on the shifting class divisions between Julie and Jean. In Miss Julie, by August Strindberg wrote about the naturalistic view of human behavior. The animal image Strindberg uses helps him exemplify his naturalistic view.The first animal imagery Strindberg uses is the dog.


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