Merchant Of Venice Essays On Shylock

Shylock came to the court for one reason only, all he asked for was justice (Act 4 Scene 1).

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Another reason would be that Shylock was a victim of an unjust trial, Portia disguised as Balthazar (a young lawyer) calls Shylock a foreigner.

Even though he was born, raised and owes all his life to Venice.

Another reason is that Antonio prevents him from doing business as he loans money interest free.

Shylock was a victim of an unjust trial which leaves Shylock’s will to live demolished as he is bloodthirsty for revenge.

Shylock is one of the most confusing characters in all of Shakespeare's plays.

On the surface, he is a villain only concerned about money and revenge.

He was abused verbally and physically, he also was prevented by Antonio from making business, he was a victim of an unjust trial and had no retaliation towards Antonio despite all the abuse and harm he has done.

Shylock never had the intention of harming Antonio therefore why shouldn’t he take revenge if he did nothing wrong.

Shylock also makes a comment in this scene about the "hard dealings" of Christians, which teach them not to trust anyone.

While this may be true of Antonio and Bassanio, it is also true of Shylock, who loans money at interest in order to make a profit.


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