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In Shakespeare^Òs tragedy, Hamlet, there is a prevalent and almost overwhelming theme.

In Shakespeare^Òs tragedy, Hamlet, there is a prevalent and almost overwhelming theme.

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Each actor we chose, as you can see is from United Kingdom.

We wanted the play to symbolize Shakespeare's legacy, and since he is from the United Kingdom, we wanted all of the actors to be as well.

This murder, which was done in secret, with no one but Claudius knowing that the act was committed by him.

Not only is he the King of Denmark, but he is also married to Queen Gertrude, his brothers former wife.

We also want the play to stick out by what people see and read.

We also liked to be the second people to create a playbill, we like to be different.

We wanted our cover to reflect the metaphor of the whole play.

Since we have a theme for our playbill we decided on a theater in Minnesota that featured all of Shakespeare's plays. The theater has an open concept, so the audience can see the play from all the different sides.

These hideous and awful crimes have not been punished, and no one knows that Claudius has done this.

When Claudius confronts anyone, he must become someone totally different. He is no longer the self-serving, cold, calculating man that he really is, out he becomes a kind, caring man who does his very best to ensure that Gertrude stays with him, and also so that he can do his best to keep Hamlet from trying to take the kingdom and destroy what Claudius has worked for so long to gain. But is Claudius really the mask or what he is underneath?


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