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The initial prophecies encourage the ambition in Macbeth to cause him to lose his soul to evil.The rest of the play is based on the foul deeds of Macbeth in the pursuit of his ambitions and the subsequent prophesies that encourage him and give him unfounded confidence.Shakespeare makes use of elements like the three witches, ghosts, gory scenes and unnatural events to heighten the dramatic effect of the supernatural in Macbeth. So it is, as the plot of the play is dependent on the prophecies of the three witches. Third Witch: All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter!

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The common belief was that powers of good and evil remained in constant conflict to take control of the souls of people.(17, 1, 44) In this passage, Lady Macbeth is asking the spirits to make her more like a man and to make her as cruel as possible to undertake the murder.She recognizes that her husband is waffling about killing Duncan, so she wants to be prepared to take it on.Would he have interpreted it that way if he had not heard the witches’ prophecies?Later, Macbeth becomes ruthless and overconfident while his wife descends into the tormenting depths of guilt by the end of the play.They represent a mixture of various emotions and intentions.For example, Macbeth initially fears the witches’ prophecy and refuses to kill Duncan.Even as Lady Macbeth was influenced by the suggestion of these witches, she did show some moral hesitation.When she went into Duncan’s chamber, she found herself unable to kill him because of his appearance; she notes, Had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done’t.Lady Macbeth’s mind, too, has been cultivated with the idea of her husband becoming king, and seems to accept it as something that must come to pass since it was predicted by the witches.That is why she is the natural ally of the supernatural with her ambition for Macbeth and herself.


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