Mac Vs Pc Research Paper

A number of different operating systems are compatible with PCs; the most popular of which is Microsoft Windows.

Some others are the UNIX variants, such as Linux, Free BSD, and Solaris.

Several apps utilizing the "metro" interface are full screen apps like in tablet computers.

Macs have a reputation of being more secure than Windows PCs.

Computers start at $499 for the Mac Mini desktop, $899 for the Macbook Air notebook, and $1099 for the i Mac all-in-one. For desktop or home use Macs are generally expensive than a PC.

The library of games available for the PC is exhaustive, and hardware specifically tweaked for gaming performance is much more readily available for Windows.The most noticeable difference between Macs and PCs is in the user interfaces.While many computer users will proclaim one or the other “superior” or “best,” this is ultimately a matter of personal preference.Local computer-help stores can also be contacted for repairs. Newer Macs are becoming less upgrade-friendly, though.Windows has a unique activation key for each package distribution, and lots of custom and OEM PC appears, so genuine checking become important.In the 90s and early to mid-2000s, Windows was plagued with adware, malware and viruses that were mostly a result of users downloading compromised software, opening malicious email attachments or other malicious files downloaded from the Internet.Macs had a lower market share so malware-makers and distributors focused on the Windows platform. Windows security and Microsoft's Defender anti-virus program have made great strides and made Windows a safe platform.PCs usually come with several 3rd-party apps pre-installed.For example, antivirus software from Mc Afee or Symantec, or DVD reading/writing software.Another reason for Macs being traditionally more stable is that since PCs are the more popular choice in the desktop market, most hackers and computer virus makers target PCs.As the popularity for Mac computers increase, it can be expected that the incidence of hacker and virus attacks will increase.


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