Lewis Clark Expedition Essay

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Their method of removing a retained placenta preceded Crede by a hundred years.

The Indians definitely added 59 drugs to our modern pharmacopeia.

Jefferson had instructed the Corps of Discovery to befriend the Indians, develop trade relations, and collect military and scientific information.

Over the course of their travels, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark developed a ritual when they encountered a new tribe.

Sacagawea was given several rattles of a rattlesnake to consume to hasten the birth of her son.

Lewis observed that she gave birth within ten minutes of taking the rattles, but was unconvinced of their efficacy.They had a good understanding of sweating, emesis, menstruation, and childbirth.Plants were used to encourage abortion, speed delivery, or prevent pregnancy.Questions relative to morals appeared on Rush’s and Clark’s lists and revolved around vices, suicide, murder, liquor, and punishment for offenses.Indian health practices were worthy of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s notice as in some ways they were equal to or more advanced than those of the white settlers.Clark treated the sore back of a chief’s wife by rubbing camphor and applying warm flannel. The “physician-captains” frequently dispensed eye wash as “sore eyes seam to be a universal complaint among those people.” Lewis and Clark agreed that Clark would be the Indian’s physician as, “he was their favorite.” However, encounters with Native Americans were not always favorable.The Teton Sioux Indians’ perception of the white men as competitors for the control of trade nearly resulted in an armed conflict.Early nineteenth-century Native Americans utilized splints, traction, and immobilization for fractures; employed poultices, heat, washing, and dressing for wounds; and drained abscesses.According to Maurice Gordon: The American Indians handled their wounds, empyemas, fractures and dislocations as well, if not better, than the 18th century white physicians.All of these documents may be printed or downloaded for non-commercial educational use; for more details, click “Copyright and Permissions” from any document home page.Upon nearing the end of the class's study of Lewis and Clark and the Expedition of the Corps of Discovery, ask students to review their unit notes, recall class discussions, and look at their journals and maps.


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