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For the spring JP, I turned to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,""Alice in Wonderland," the physical book, contains.The exploration led me to look closely at the older sister's role in the story, the parallels of Wonderland and reading, Lewis Carroll, retelling, and nostalgia through literature.

The burlesque of this early work is just so bodily, dramatic and hilarious in a way that her later published work cannot be.

The juvenilia is full of illegitimate marriages, slapstick violence, extreme fainting fits, intoxicated ladies, murder, eyes that literally shine like the sun, and a whole host of wonderful and bizarre situations.

Alice must find the vorpal sword and slay the Jabberwock before she can return to the world and slay the dragon of an unwanted marriage.

The quest is enjoyable enough, with 3D effects adding to the impression that Alice is trapped in a computer game, and an impressive cast of gargoyle-like characters, including Helena Bonham-Carter as the huge-headed Red Queen and Johnny Depp as a tragic Mad Hatter.

His impossible idea, now vindicated, had been to establish trading posts in the far east, and Alice now intends to expand into China.

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What a contrast with the more right-on 3D blockbuster , which slavishly follows the script of postcolonial guilt and suspicion of progress.

But the moral is no less appealing for being predictable, and there are a few surprises and twists in the telling of the story.

Significantly, screenwriter Linda Woolverton gives Alice herself the famous line about believing ‘six impossible things before breakfast’, something her father apparently used to do.

The senior thesis is a culmination of research, thought, argument and writing developed over senior year, or earlier if you're really on top of it, and ultimately printed into your own beautiful hardbound book of knowledge, which is then archived somewhere in the annals of Princeton thought.

The nature of the thesis varies per department, but all in all it's a well-renowned process of joy and fear, dread and discovery. To learn what I've decided to focus my English thesis on, come over to my Firestone Library Locker.


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