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They’ll tell you about the company culture and background, the required skills and experience for the job in question, and what tasks you’ll be expected to undertake in the role.The style of the job advert may even tell you a little bit about the company culture.

Everyone has heard those stories about the plucky job-seekers who created an eye-catching website, movie, or innovative product, then got called up by the CEO of a multinational company and offered a job. A rough estimation might be “1 to don’t hold your breath”.

In fact, unsolicited applications are hugely underrated, and often very successful.

Just because you’re applying speculatively doesn’t mean the employer will expect less of you.

You might have to do more to demonstrate you are worth hiring.

(Don’t be shy, people are likely to be flattered that you want to work with them.) Don’t be afraid to call the company directly.

It’s best to speak to someone in HR who takes the lead on recruiting, but in some cases, your prospective line manager or department head might also work.So are conferences or seminars on industry-specific topics.It often pays to be there early and/or to hang around after the scheduled events.The unsolicited approach may allow you to swoop in before the masses and to impress an employer before anyone else can.Aim small- to medium-sized As a rule of thumb, the bigger the company the more difficult it is to get your unsolicited application through.More jobs than you think get filled as a result of speculative applications.If you are looking for new career opportunities and can’t seem to find the right one in the listed job advertisements, a different approach to the job hunt is in order.You might be more successful with small- and medium-sized companies (SMBs) that often don’t have the HR capacity to sift through tons of incoming applications.Your unsolicited approach can actually save them time and money.Simply explain what you do and ask if they are looking for new recruits.Networking events at universities are usually a good starting point to meet companies actively looking for talent.


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