Korean War Essay

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When the Korean War ended, the united Korean nation was forcefully separated into two countries with the screaming differences in all spheres of life.

North Korea was kept under the strict control of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung who managed to develop a cult of his personality among the population.

Success of South Korea, a country that can boast of its democratic viewpoint, great economic growth, and technology development, has shown the confrontation between the two completely different sides in a completely unique light.

Rational South Koreans with democratic values are opposed to brainwashed North Koreans that live in complete isolation and poverty under the rule of Kim Jong-un who is the grandson of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung.

Though the two countries have striking differences in the way of life, they share the same culture and race.

The 20 century was full of great events that have change the course of the history and led to the present-day organization of the world.

In addition, the Korean War itself has to be studied to realize why the 25 million North Korean population has been under the rule of one family for sixty years.

For twelve centuries, from 7, Korea was a single country.

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Nowadays, the belligerence of North Korea is the issue that worries thousands of people around the world.


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