Knocks Woody Allen Essay

Death Knocks Mentioning death sets of a saddening emotional cloud and sudden fear among many people.

Naturally,people avoid talking about death in a joking or funny way (Myers, 2).

The light will turn the auditorium (the grandstand) into a theatrical space.

The profit of the extra day which the man purloined from Death will be visualized in the course of the clarinet concert and will be accompanied with appropriate lighting.

There are a number of pictures smartly arranged on the wall and an ugly likeable barometer.

Just as the curtains are opened, soft music emerges from the background.Woody Allen's play is situated in the (Jewish circles) of New York. Some aspects of his text get lost for a contemporary Dutch audience, because it evokes no, or other associations. The fact that Jost's characters sing, is - especially for a text by Woody Allen - a serious intervention.Allen often seems to let his characters chat endlessly, but under that nervous flood of words an undercurrent of lonelyness and impotence becomes tangible.We will transform the theatricality of the musical structures in (stage) design.We will make use of the features of , in acting style as well as in staging.Death – sung by a soprano – will be performed as a male character .The Death-character can be considered as the man's projection.Because the music slows down the text and the words are being pronounced more ém-phá-tíc, they loose that typical 'Allen-brilliance'. Two worlds - the 'here and now' and the realm of Death - collide when Death stumbles into the world of the living.But even more drastic is, that the of all these words: to conceal or defuse an existential panic, is neutralized. The mortal doesn't want to surrender just like that and tries to control his own destiny. We neither try to restore the 'Allen-timbre' that got lost in the music, nor do we attempt to reconstruct the New York atmosphere of the mid-1960's; we now live in another place, another time.It is at this time that Nat, who is a fifty-seven-years- old dressmaker with a baldhead is seen comfortably lying on bed reading a newspaper.At close to midnight, Nat hears a noise that startles him prompting him to stand by the window to lock at what is happening.


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