Kindergarten Homework Calendars

Kindergarten Homework Calendars-28
Each night, the task is hands-on, interactive, and (maybe) even fun!The homework is designed to be done with an adult and focused on conversation.Every day of the week has a theme so that parents are able to predict what kind of task will be done (writing on Mondays, counting on Tuesdays, sight words on Wednesdsays...).

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But there's also a letter asking them to bring it back every week if that's more your style.

The letter also asks parents to add nightly reading to their homework tasks because none of the activities should take very long. I also went ahead and offered up your paper, pencils & crayons for families who don't have any.

The last thing I want to do is put strain on a family because nightly homework hasn't been done.

What I give to students is a monthly homework calendar.

Do you ever hear the word "homework" brought up in conversation and cringe a little, not knowing what the next statement will be? No matter if I'm talking with fellow teachers, administrators, parents, or friends of mine with school-age children, I usually dislike conversations about homework because people have such strong feelings about it!

There is a lot of talk out there both for and against homework.

So I've done my fair share of reading research and looking into studies on homework's effectiveness, and I've formed my own opinion.

I believe that homework should be the real-world application of skills learned at school, done in ways that will be clearly applicable to students' lives, and it should be optional.

Sorry for speaking for you, but again, I know how you awesome you guys are and I had a feeling you'd have no problem sharing supplies with your families who need it.

Since there was no way to know the calendar dates for every school, I included a task for EVERY day.


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