Jorge Vera Teaching Dissertation

Particular aspects of myelin-axon interactions in health and disease : the expression of myelin-associated glycoprotein isoforms in CNS and PNS.

Early axonal pathology in the dysmyelinating peripheral neuropathy CMT1A.

Ganzheitliche systemische Qualitätsbetrachtung in der Produktion fester Arzneiformen : ein praxisorientiertes Vorgehensmodell anhand einer Synthese der Methoden Prozesssimulation und multivariate Datenanalyse.

Dependence of skin drug permeation on microstructure and time dependent alterations following application of more-phasic dermatological formulations studied by the continuous phase drug concentration concept.

Ein Beitrag zur Erforschung des menschlichen Umgangs mit aquatischen Ökosystemen im Schweizer Rheineinzugsgebiet. am See Luokesa (Litauen): Rekonstruktion von Schichtgenese, Umwelt und Ernährung anhand archäobotanischer Analysen und Untersuchungen zur Taphonomie biologischer Makroreste.

Contribution to the development of the Bronze Age plant economy in the surrounding of the Alps : an archaeobotanical case study of two Early and Middle Bronze Age sites in northern Italy (Lake Garda region). Structural and biochemical investigations into c-di-GMP signaling in "E.coli" : Zinc dependent regulation of the diguanylate cyclase Yde H and characterization of Pga A and Pga B, involved in c-di-GMP controlled exopolysaccharide synthesis.

Monoclonal antibodies as tools in antigen detection assay and vaccine development : design of a sensitive detection test for Brucella bacteria and profiling of the malaria vaccine candidate antigen reticulocyte-binding homolog 2 (Pf RH2).

Auswertung von mittelalterlichen und neuzeitlichen Fischresten unter Anwendung eines kombinierten methodischen Ansatzes.

Rational use of medicines : safety, challenges and potentials of electronic mobile devices for implementing a new algorithm for management of childhood illness (ALMANACH) in low and middle income countries.

Studies towards the total synthesis of lomaiviticin and kinamycin, new entries towards locked nucleic acids, development of modifiable Rh(II) catalysts with high activity and synthesis of hydroxylamines by direct alcohol amination.


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