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Jane was not the average Victorian woman, and therefore seemed like a feminist, whether she was supposed to be or not. Judging by the other female characters in the novel, we could tell that Jane was different.While the normal Victorian woman would marry any rich or handsome man that offered them a ring, Jane denied St. The fact that Jane was not traditionally pretty or well dressed like many other women also gave insight into her independence as a woman.

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Both these feminist and anti-feminist ideals portrayed the overall position of a woman in Victorian society.

Although at some points the novel was clearly feminist, other times in displayed more of an anti-feminist tone, but both of these aspects contributed in depicting the Some would argue with the fact that Jane was feminist, and that, in fact, many of her actions were anti-feminist. Rochester as a view of her standing up for her independence as a woman and leaving all of her husband’s lies behind, it can be viewed as a cowardly move.

Read More In Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte portrays one woman's desperate struggle to attain heridentity in the mist of temptation, isolation, and impossible odds.

Although she processes a strong soul she must fight not only the forces of passion and reason within herself ,butother's wills constantly imposed on her. Read More Jane Eyre Authors use different types of literary devices such as setting in their works to reveal theme.

She was very out spoken (even as a child) and very sure in her values and opinions. Read More JANE EYREa character analysis Becoming a memorable hero in literature is not an easy thing.

Your life isexposed to the public eye, critics scorn your motives, and, far crueler, AP Englishteachers force their students to write a character analysis about every aspect of yourbeing. Read More Jane Eyre, written in 1847, is a novel written in autobiographical style about an orphan girls quest for love.

AP English III Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre in 1847, when men were far superior to women.

That is why a major debate remains on whether Jane Eyre is a feminist novel or not.

It would not be surprising to say that the novel has very feminist undertones because of the time period, the Victorian Era, in which women were treated poorly.

However, one could argue that Jane Eyre is actually an anti-feminist novel due to some of the context throughout the story.


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