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Using a mixed method research approach this dissertation looks at six bed and breakfasts; two in Brighton, two in Keswick, and two in Uttoxeter.Through this choice of venue not only are divergent markets noted but also the different echelons of the hotels themselves.

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Grounded in theories of consumer choice and decision making, this dissertation compares and contrasts the loyalty programmes offered by the two firms and through so doing makes recommendations for the on-going success of both.

Academic theory is balanced in this essay through the attainment of first hand interviews with customers, staff and loyalty card managers to garner the reader with a full understanding of the role that such cars play in the contemporary high street.

Using a mix of primary and secondary research, the dissertation includes a model of both types of charity management – one with significant stakeholder involvement in management, and one without, and compares the two.

Suggested initial topic reading: Models of management change in the ‘bed and breakfast’ hospitality sector in the UK The ‘bed and breakfast’ sector in the UK is divergent.

Suggested initial topic reading: Stakeholder involvement in the management of charitable institutions employing fewer than 100 staff The charity sector in the UK is comprised of over 170,000 organisations, of differing sizes.

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The Coalition Government’s promotion of the ‘Big Society’ encourages increased involvement in charitable institutions.This is a dissertation that through its recommendations has the potential to be of use to all small time hoteliers within the UK as well as offering a snapshot of bed and breakfast Britain in the summer of the Queen’s Jubilee.Suggested initial topic reading: The head teacher who has not taught for a decade: Maintaining empathy and approachability in secondary school senior management At the centre of senior management within schools there lies a paradox – the more experienced one becomes and the higher into management one progresses, the less one teaches (the reason for the appointment in the first place).Suggested initial topic reading: Harnessing the entrepreneur in middle management – a story of employee retention The retention of middle managers is an on-going dilemma within business.This dissertation looks at the phenomenon with regard to two independent department stores: Jarrolds of Norwich and Fenwicks of Newcastle.Suggested initial topic reading: Organisational behaviour in mining management in South Africa: 2000-2010 Mining companies continue to be a strategic component of the South African economy, yet little has been written about their management practices, particularly since the fall of apartheid.This study seeks to determine optimal management practices in the industry, with a particular emphasis on successful organisational behaviour systems.This dissertation considers the effects of widening stakeholder involvement in charities, for example through the placement of representatives from beneficiary groups on management teams, and examines whether this is a force for good.Possible repercussions could include increased polarisation between those ‘who know best’ and those ‘who know how it feels’, the insertion of insufficiently trained and educates management within key positions, and a greater understanding of where the distribution of charitable funds could make the greatest difference.Through its use of qualitative and quantitative research this dissertation asks the extent to which it is now more appropriate to consider the appointment of ‘school managers’ rather than head teachers and what the likely effect of such a move would have within a profession that is, historically, resistant to change within its working practices.Suggested initial topic reading: Customer relationship management systems in banking: A comparative case study of Leeds Building Society and Lloyds TSB Looking at two distinctively different players upon the UK high street this dissertation looks at the regional building society, the Leeds Building Society and the (now state owned) Lloyds TSB banking group which ran into financial troubles after it was itself requested by the government to ‘takeover’ the ailing Halifax group.


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