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I can also use VLC in a script, which means I can tie it into my intranet, run conversions automatically, and/or keep "profiles" (by using scripts) for each video format that I'd like to convert.

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If the i Pod nano does not turn on at all, the possible problem might be a dead battery.

For solving this problem, you need to connect the device to the computer and let it charge for a minimum of 10 minutes.

First reset the device, and then engage the disk mode by holding down the 'Volume Up and Down' buttons simultaneously.

You will now need to connect it to the computer and restore it from the i Tunes application.

As of now, there have been many models and generations of the i Pod from Apple.

Since it is just another electronic gadget, it may be subjected to some technical problems.There are several problems the user might experience in the i Pod nano; such as freezing, low battery life, frequent restarting, unresponsive touchscreen, the gadget not turning on, or similar other issues.In order to sort out and diagnose these issues, you need to follow some simple troubleshooting steps.One of the most common problem that the i Pod nano faces is freezing.Apart from that, other problems like low battery life, unresponsive touchscreen, frequent restarting, etc. This article addresses these problems and helps you sort them out.It is more likely that a movie, a music video, or at most a complete television series will be stored on the i Pod. Please be sure you are using the default settings for VLC. Look for the part that has #transcode, and type width=320,canvas-height=240 somewhere inside the . This setting changes the width to 320 pixels and adds black bars above and below the movie, allowing all movies to maintain the appearance of their original aspect ratio. If you change any of the settings below this box, you will have to re-enter the width and height settings.Please be especially sure that you do not have "repeat" set, as you will infinitely overwrite your transcoded file. So far, everything is fairly standard, but here comes the tricky part. Click OK to close the Stream ouput dialog, then click OK to close the File open dialog.There can be times when the nano restarts very often.In such a situation, it is suggested to restore the i Pod when in disk mode.You may try restarting and reconnecting all devices in the setup altogether.There can even be issues with the nano's touchscreen.


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