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He recalls the Everest climb being split up into a sequence of five camps, which included an initial Base Camp followed by Camp One through Camp Four.Krakauer states that his group spent weeks training at Base Camp, after which they repeatedly ventured up the mountains to the other camps.

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Krakauer published the article he set out to write.

He says he wrote because the article could not present his whole experience on Everest.

Reaching the summit is akin to a victory over the mountain.

People who forge trails into the wilderness refer to "taming" the wilds.

Rob Hall arrived at that time with Doug Hansen and a separate group which included Scott Fischer.

Not long after the full party had ascended, a storm appeared on the mountain.Many mistakes were made in ascending the mountain, but none proved severe until their final push to the summit.He remembers that Rob Hall announced a time cut-off of p.m.His climbing attempt, which was fatal for several, became the most deadly expedition ever to be attempted on the mountain.In the book, he reflects on his experience, reporting the experience as truthfully as possible, and resisting popular stereotypes about heroism and tragedy.Krakauer, who made it down to Camp Four only partially deterred by the storm, had no idea how the rest of his group was faring. Hansen depleted his oxygen supplies, was unable to go further, and died.A separate party got lost in the storm and was rescued, with two individuals missing, whom they presumed were dead. Hansen and Hall were stranded and died despite the rescue efforts of a guide, who died as well.Krakauer was permanently scarred by his experience, which had originated as a plan to simply report activity on Everest’s base.In total, twelve people died on the mountain that season.Every member of Adventure Consultants struggled to adjust to the high altitude, which led to fatigue and weight loss, impeding climbing speed.He recalls many of the members being too inexperienced to go far without the assistance of the guides.


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