Internet Security Issues Essay

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So, security at that time was really not a major concern or focus.

But, as more and more sensitive information became accessible, the import of network security increased significantly.

And, was able to quickly spread throughout the network.

This is what led to the development of countermeasures to fight the threat of network invasion and destruction.

The threats were so expansive there was no longer a way they could be handled with custom teams and measures.

So, mass production of these programs was necessary.

And then several different companies got in on the action and developed programs designed to clean computers that had been infected with malicious viruses.

Of course, the viruses in the late 80s weren’t as malicious as they are today.

Firewalls A NASA researcher gets the credit for the creation of the first firewall program design.

Their center in California was attacked by a computer virus in 1988.


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