Internet Pros And Cons Essay

Online shopping is another pillar which is getting hike these days. Movies, songs, and videos are available here on internet.It has every information about songs and movies like upcoming, newly released and hit ones.

Largest numbers are from countries like China, America and India.

In this modern era, internet has become need of every bit of life.

It has enabled us to reach out to the culture of any part of world.

Internet is used by governments of many countries as a medium to promote their culture.

It has linked about 190 countries for exchange of data, news and opinions.

About 40% of world's population is estimated to be the user of internet.

But, like all the technological innovations of the modern era, there are certain negative aspects of the internet which pose great threat to its users and society as a whole.

As a matter of fact, an indiscriminate and over-exposure of the internet can lead to much social havoc.

Hence these sites have become best friends of modern man.

Internet plays an important role in finding out paths while travelling.


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