Interior Decorating Business Plan

Personal Swot Analysis Essay - Interior Decorating Business Plan

Lisa Kurtis—CEO Lisa has a degree in designing and Business Administration from University of California at Berkeley.While the risks of starting their own business were scary, they were comforted with the fact that both had husbands who were making enough money to keep the family supported.Both owners had used several methods to finance this business. We will provide work as a product–driven designer or as a design consultant.With little competition from qualified designers, we are confidant we will get a strong market share in the first year.The American Society of Interior Designers defines an interior designer as someone "professionally trained to create a functional and quality interior environment.A product–driven designer also charges a per hour rate to customers who seek their advice but buys products from another company.A hefty percentage of the designer's income is generated from product sales.We will either hire designers who are accredited or, after a period of mentoring, offer to assist the designer by paying a portion of the costs for the education.This will allow us to offer our clients the best services.We will be selling your design expertise, and not any product.There are two types of market for interior design: residential and commercial.


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