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It is possible that some of these separated children will fill the emptiness of kindly American families seeking to foster or to adopt them.The President’s attempt to declare a state of emergency at the southern border is politically and morally perverse.The real emergency is from the other side of the southern borderland.She gave the military a free hand, and General Videla responded with his — the violent junta-led system of torture and extrajudicial murder — which dissidents renamed “the Dirty War.” The majority of people who were disappeared and killed by the military state were young people.The Dirty War was primarily a war against youth and young adults who were not seen as citizens but rather as dangerous activists and dissidents — “aliens.” The word “animals” was also applied to them.The Argentine Dirty War is an extreme example, but it began with a declaration of a state of emergency by Mrs.Perón in November 1974 who was leading a civilian government that was besieged by rampant inflation, corruption, and violence by university students, unions, and leftist organizations.America’s littlest , some of them still in diapers, crying inconsolably, begging and screaming for their mothers, wetting their beds, became so traumatized that they stopped speaking to their government-supplied caretakers.These motherless children began to give up and move inside their little selves, eventually accommodating to a cruel new world, bereft of tenderness and abandoned to caretaker strangers who were not allowed to touch them, lest they be accused of physical or sexual assault.It is the legacy of decades of US intervention and exploitation of what used to be called the “banana republics,” run by ruthless dictators, supported by US foreign policies since the mid-20th century.The result was revolutions, massacres, and ethnocides — “small wars and invisible genocides.” The real emergency is the miserable deaths in the desert of thousands of Latino migrants forced to take extreme risks to escape poverty, violence, and terror at home.


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