If A Problem Can Be Solved

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American Childhood Annie Dillard Essay - If A Problem Can Be Solved

Walking soon becomes easy and we feel on top of the world; proud of our new ability.Just maybe this is an opportunity to learn something new.Just maybe they are here in your life today to help you grow and develop into the person you desire to be.However, by allowing their problems to linger around in this way they are actually making things worse.Before they know it the uninvited stranger will be wearing their clothes and drinking all their beer.From the moment we are born it seems as though life is constantly testing us.As babies we see adults walking up on two feet while we lie there helplessly on the floor.We typically experience the most problems when we are venturing into uncharted territories or while making progress toward a goal.However, these are also times when we can experience the most growth because problems often help us to see the world and our circumstances from a new perspective.In fact, they can even help us see ourselves in a new light.But life’s problems are overbearing and inconvenient. It’s easier to just live a carefree life without having to deal with problems, right?


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